Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Review

When I first heard about Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs, I wanted to smell it! I already have the original Daisy fragrance and I love to wear it during Spring and Summer. The bottle is beautiful. Packaged in a sleek container with petals engraved into the top and the lid is a large daisy with metallic detail. It fits in perfectly with my perfume collection.

The scent is described as sunshine reflecting on the ocean under clear blue skies with notes of bright crystallized cloudberries, daisy tree petals with cashmere musks and driftwood. It sounds beautiful and summery. It is easy to spray onto skin and smells divine. There is a floral yet fruity scent, which is feminine and flirty but sophisticated at the same time. Slightly sweet yet warm and fresh. Perfect for Summer days and nights.

I am terribly fussy when it comes to scents but I really like this one. It does not smell strong or alcoholic like some perfumes do. It is gentle yet you still get whiffs of it throughout the day. It is not overpowering but leaves a kiss of scent on skin and hair if appled there. I get a scent of mango, blossom and beachy trees. Although these are not notes of the fragrance, that is my impression. You can smell daisies but in the softest, prettiest way. It isn’t too young or old smelling, which is always a worry when trying something new as a twenty-something.

I am going to continue to use this all Summer and into Autumn too. It makes me feel energised and confident in myself. I have had some lovely compliments about it when wearing it out and about. Even my cat likes smelling it! One of my new recommendations! I am really glad that I tried this because it is just so me!

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