Staying Hydrated at Christmas with Perrier

Staying hydrated is very important to me and I drink water throughout the day. However, sometimes I fancy something fruity to drink but I don’t want the sugar and sweetener that most soft drinks offer. That’s where Perrier flavours come in. They offer healthy hydration with 0 sugar, 0 sweetener and just 2 calories per bottle. Perrier kindly send me someĀ drinks along with fun straws but all opinions are my own.

I hadn’t drankĀ Perrier for such a long time and I was really interested to try the lemon and green apple flavours. The PerrierĀ drinks are natural and a are a result of eruptions mixing together water and gas of volcanic origin. The packaging looks good too and is 100% recyclable.

The lemon flavour is lovely! It’s sparkling, sweet and has a tang to it. However, it’s not overpowering and offers a great alternative to still and plain sparkling water. I would recommend this drink to go with meals. It’s zesty and feels light.

Green apple was my flavour of choice. Apple isn’t generally my favourite fruit flavour but I really enjoyed this. It has a beautiful tang and tastes really fruity. It’s hard to believe that there are no added sugars and sweeteners.

Which is your favourite flavour?
Remember to stay hydrated this Winter!

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