Tesco Finest Gluten Free Cakes Review

Over Christmas last year, (can’t believe it’s a new year already) I was fortunate enough to receive some gluten free cakes to enjoy from Tesco. I chose the classic Victoria sponge and the decadent carrot cake. I have tried both of them previously but never written up my thoughts about them before. They also do a chocolate cake in the same range. The packaging is great as it has a window showing the cake and the side show what a cut piece of cake looks like.

The cakes are in the Tesco Finest range and are priced at £3 which claims to serve six people. I would usually have a quarter which is a decent amount but you could get six portions out of it if you only wish to have a very small piece of cake. The value is pretty good as the regular Tesco Finest cakes are £2.65 each but often come up as £2 during their promotional periods throughout the year.

The first cake I opened was the carrot cake. It’s such a gorgeous looking cake. Covered in cream cheese icing, it is very tempting. There are walnuts on top but you can easily remove them if you don’t enjoy nuts. The flavour of the cake is lovely. Carrotty, but sweet and delicious. The icing is the best part and I would happily eat a tub of that! There’s a layer of the icing inside too. The cake doesn’t taste gluten free at all and the texture seems like it should have gluten in it also.


Next up was the Victoria sponge cake. What a treat! This was perfect with my afternoon cup of tea and my family couldn’t tell that it was a gluten free cake! It is a little bit dry on the outside but the inside is soft and light. The layers of buttercream and raspberry jam are moist. This is one for those with a sweet tooth and can be enjoyed by anyone. The only downside is that there are a few holes sometimes but nothing that ruins the experience.


All in all, the cakes were a pleasure to eat and they kept my hunger at bay during that afternoon slump. I can’t decide which one is my favourite as they are both amazing. I would recommend these for enjoying with tea as a pick me up but also as a dessert. It would be a great idea to wrap them up in foil to take them out and about for those moments when you might not be able to get a tasty gluten free snack. Thanks for letting me try these, Tesco. You can get yours on the Tesco website or in many stores over the country.

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  1. The Tesco finest gluten free cake is far too sickly with cream icing through the middle of the cake as well as on top. I hope they stop putting it in. I won’t be buying it again if it stays like that. It used to be be my favourite cake before they put that in the middle.

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