Danone Light and Free Review

This week I got to try out the new Light and Free Greek style yoghurts. The flavours available are Raspberry Razzle, Blueberry Burst, Strawberry Sensation, Peach Passion Fruit and Cherry Charmer. As a berry lover, I opted for the strawberry flavour.

At first glance, the packaging was nice and clean. It looked refreshing and healthy and you get four reasonably sized pots. The yoghurts contain 0% fat and 0% added sugar which is great for those on a diet or looking out for their health. However, which these pots being full of fruit you have to expect a higher sugar content and these average on 7.7g which is 8% of your daily recommended intake. They are also suitable for a gluten free diet but produced in a factory that handles gluten and they do contain sweeteners. It would be lovely if they were completely gluten free!

I am not a huge yoghurt lover but these were delicious. They are creamy and rich but not sickly at all. There is a real balance of flavours. Perfect for a light dessert on a Summer evening, with breakfast, lunch or as a snack. I enjoyed mine best as a snack alone or topped with oat and fruit muesli. I used the Provena gluten free Muesli.

I had trouble getting hold of these yoghurts. They were out of stock a few times and the time I finally managed to get some, strawberry was the only flavour left. Some strawberry yoghurts can have a nasty artificial taste but you don’t get this with Light and Free.

I was also kindly sent a pair of headphones and a power bank which I have been using. I would recommend these yoghurts for everyone dieting or just looking for a new tasty snack.

Available at most supermarkets including Tesco for £2.50 (pack of 4)
See the full range here.

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