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I love getting snack boxes in the post. The only downfall is that most of them are not gluten free. However, I recently came across the Handmade Treat Company which is the UK’s first handmade gluten free snack box. Amazing, right?

I wasn’t sure what to expect but checked out their Instagram which gave me a good idea and I decided to give them a go. I thought I would share what I received in my box several months ago in February. I had to repost this due to moving my blog.

In my box, I received:
Soma Soaps – Cocoa and Cinnamon Soap
Crobar – Cacao & Cricket Flour
Pedal Bites – Let’s Go Apre
Twinings – Peppermint Tea
Fit Fudge – Orange Natural Performance Fuel
The Raw Chocolate Co – Raw Chocolate Goji Berry & Orange Chocolate

They are all gluten free. I was surprised to receive a soap as they state on their website that they are a ‘monthly box that lets you discover the tastiest, most delicious gluten free snacks around. They also state that a beauty surprise is thrown in too, woohoo! It was the fact that it wasn’t labelled which confused me at first glance.

I received a hand written card which gave it a personalised touch, made by Faysie Boo Studio at Etsy. This card confirmed some of the items in the box (including the soap). In future, it would be great to see what item is exactly and a bit of information about the company behind them. All of the items had dates on apart from two. The Handmade Treat Company are very responsive and I got an informative reply quickly

The box costs £9.99 a month but you can get it for £8.99 with the code 10%FOREVER. I have read that is works for every box too! Is it worth this amount? I have a list of the current prices for the items included below. It’s a fantastic way of trying treats from smaller companies which you wouldn’t usually try. I would say they are a good way to get a variety of on the go snacks. You never know what you will get, so it is a bit hit and miss.

Soma Soaps

Soma Soaps – Cocoa and Cinnamon Soap (Worth approximately £2.74). Their website is currently under construction and they are based in Greece. There wasn’t a label on mine to tell me the scent but they were a pleasure to speak to on Twitter regarding this and soon let me know. I couldn’t find this particular soap for sale online but they do have a store here: Soma Soaps


Crobar – Cacao & Cricket Flour (Worth £2.25). You can purchase this online at Designed2Eat.

Pedal Bites

Pedal Bites – Let’s Go Apre (Worth £5). Available on the Pedal Bites website. You must purchase a minimum of 3 though.

Twinings / Faysie Boo Studio

Twinings – Peppermint Tea (Worth 25p) Twinings
Cards by Faysie Boo Studio can be found on Etsy for £2.75 each, although this one is not on the website currently.

Fit Fudge

Fit Fudge – Orange Natural Performance Fuel (Worth £2.80) Fit Fudge

The Raw Chocolate Co

The Raw Chocolate Co – Raw Chocolate Goji Berry & Orange Chocolate (Worth £1.69) You can purchase it here.

In total the products work out at £14.73. You do get them at a saving.
I will be reviewing each product individually (apart from the tea) on other blog posts, so look out for those! I look forward to trying these goodies.

Try your box here: The Handmade Treat Company
Don’t forget to use the code for 10% off! They offer free delivery too.

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